Thursday, August 4, 2011

A tale of Three Iguanas (illustrated version)

Little baby Petrie.
She was smaller than this when we got her and she grew to 5ft long.
(the photo is a bit weird because it's a photo of a photo)

Skinny little Petrie. She used to love watching the cars go by.
We used to joke that she must have thought the buses were big white iguanas with wheels.

Pretty Petrie, glamour shot.

                                            Young Kyle acting all tough, but look at those skinny legs!

Not knowing what to make of the other...

Kyle with the gawking tourists. His skin turned orange during mating season (his leg).
Watch out gnome!

My silly husband made teeny tiny party hats for Kyle and Trixie.
The dozens of outtakes with the hat falling crack me up.

We think Trixie might be a distant relative of the Horned Iguana. 
Notice her dainty little spike at the end of her nose.
She always looks like she's smiling.