Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bargain Hunter (and Boaster!)

I love a good deal, but who doesn't right? There's nothing better than buying something cheaper than the next guy. Ok, there are lots of things better than sales, I'm seriously not as bad as Becky Bloomwood from those fluff Shopaholic books (yes, yes, thought provoking literature, I know).

My problem is not so much from over shopping, buying things just because they're on sale, it's the boasting about the sales. I always think I sound ridiculous when I say it, but I can't help myself. My cheap genes, wearing my cheap jeans, force me, against my will, really, to tell everyone about it. Why can't I just keep it to myself? It's like a compulsion. I'm like the Rain Man of bargains. I like your shoes, someone will say, innocently enough. "Thanks! They were only 8$!" I'll reply. As if somehow those shoes, now knowing their low low price, will have more value. I'll mentally smack myself in the head whenever I say something like that, because NO ONE CARES BUT ME.

I had very few friends as a kid, I know my social skills are lacking. I either say nothing or I say something awkward and embarrassing. Then, for added fun, I'll replay that awkward moment in my head, over and over, like watching a Three's Company rerun for the twelfth time. Seriously not funny after a while.

So I'm telling you all this because I did it again today. I've booked a trip and I got a good deal on it (see doing it again!) and I keep telling anyone who stops long enough for me to tell them about it.

Is it because my mom was super frugal most of the time, that I think it's admirable quality to have? Is it because I think I'm clever when I save money, and well I always want people to think that I'm clever.

Bah. Who knows.

I wish there were social skills classes at the University. You know, Book keeping 101, Intro to Pottery Wheel, Beginner French, and Having a Conversation Without Embarrassing Yourself.


Anonymous said...

I would have totally flunked Having a Conversation Without Embarassing Youself 101.

Wombat Central said...

I know this is a late comment, but sign me up for all those classes, please! ;)

Anonymous said...

I totally wanna be your friend. We can be awkward together!

I also love to flaunt my bargains. The other day I got a shirt that was on sale and then on sale and then on sale AGAIN, and in the end, it was only $2.50!!

Darleya said...

I do the exact same thing when people compliment certain items of clothing. It's like we need a prize for having found such beautiful things for so cheap...I mean all the time, too. 'Oh thanks, I got this at Costa Blanca, for really cheap'
I love your smiling cat.

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