Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back by Popular* Demand

*Popular- Meaning two friends said "you should blog again"

Ok, so here's the thing. I went off the grid (offline? Absent? not sure what the proper blogger lingo would be) for a while. I missed it but at the same time I had nothing to say. Nothing good to say anyway. Yep, I was in that deep dark hole of depression again. Maybe I can write about it some day, but not right now. I can say that I'm in a much better place right now.
Husband has found a job he likes (he and his coworkers are having a robot building competition for fun). Alex has his own room (which he loves), he's sleeping much better and he eats more than just yogurt now. I'm still a stay at home mom but went back to work one day a week, good for me, great for Alex to get a guaranteed full day of daddy time. I weaned Alex from the boob, so, hello? Wine. Nice to see you again!

I'm getting out more! By myself! At night! One stormy night as I left the house my husband asked "so you're going out in a storm to go downtown to meet a bunch of strangers in a hotel that you met on the internet?". "Yep, don't wait up!" I answered as I left to meet up with a lovely bunch from the Dooce Community (AKA Doocebags). I came out of my shell for a bit and I liked it. Last night I stay out until 1 AM at a baby shower for a lovely friend. I chatted, I drank (a bit), I bought an awesome cake (story for another post) to go with the equally awesome food everyone brought, and I smiled. A lot.

It's a good thing.

Alex, my little Baby Gap model. Mama needs to be more like you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow - I still have that picture of him on my fridge and he looks so grown up now!!

Cynthia said...

Hurray! Glad to see you back! And Alex, my god! So big and so damn cute!! :)

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