Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A day in the life of Mr. Chicken

Not impressed. Not with the snow or the amount of clothes he has to wear.

Catching snowflakes on his tongue. Notice the robots on his snowsuit.

Just Chillin'. Maybe snow is not so bad.

Walking back home. The three block round trip took 45 minutes.

I'm here for the Cat Sitting job you advertised...

Helping mom make cookies.

Expert taste tester.

After his nap he came to the balcony door to look out the window.
 I said it's snow. He said "NO!". I feel the same way.

Doing a little vacuuming before dinner. His word for vacuum is "dah gue".
(Oh and it's the same day, different outfit.
 He was playing with some water in a bowl like he normally does,
 but stood in the bowl, and then tossed catfood in the water.
 I was too busy with damage control to take a photo of it)

and then off to bed. Rinse, repeat.