Friday, February 4, 2011

Basement treasure troll

Ok, you know how I like to snoop browse through people's kitchen cupboards. Sooo there's this suitcase in the basement of the apartment building that's been there forever. It's open and it's headed for the trash. I couldn't help myself. I had to peek inside.
From what I can deduce from the contents of the suitcase is that it belonged to the old lady who used to live downstairs from us when we first moved in about 14 years ago. She was later placed in a home and since, passed away. The contents of the suitcase are definitely not worth anything. Mostly old Christmas cards and lots of empty envelopes from various departments of the government (they just love sending mail here). She seemed to have a bunch of stuff that she got from someone else who I gather passed away and then she went through his stuff, marking on it the date she read it. Basically a packrat died, another packrat took on his pile, then left it herself. So being at least part packrat I took it upon myself to sort through the suitcase for anything interesting.
Here's what I found:
A postcard of the NY skyline with the twin towers. That makes me sad.

Eddie, wrote to Smoky to let him know his sister died. On a postcard.
 Did people really do that back then?

Randy Duncan football card. Circa 1965.

I googled Randy Duncan (Antiques Road Show treasure??)
He was an Iowa State all-star who went to play in the CFL for the BC Lions because they offered him more money than the NFL teams could pay him (This of course is now hilarious to the Canadian readers since most CFL players have a second job to support themselves). He then got traded to the Texas Rangers but had a knee injury and stopped playing.
So this card was the last year he played professionally.

Space Panties! If the panties will give me an ass that's out of this world, I'm definitely getting a pair.
Also trying really hard not to picture the old lady in her panties...

 Winter carnaval. I've left the phone number on the photo because I seriously doubt the Shoe Jobber is still around. If they are, call them up and ask them WHY?

Oh good, it gets better.

For those of you who don't know Festival Carnaval is an annual winter festival in Quebec City that celebrates winter with activities, food, music and this is the mascot.

Not a sexy lumberjack.