Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hand Sanitizer is my friend

It feels like forever since I've written a post. Alex has been sick, off and on since, oh about New Year's Eve. Sigh. Stomach flu three times, then a nasty cold with a still lingering cough. I hate winter. I really want it to be over. Alex's new trick to keep me on my toes is waking at some point in the night and staying AWAKE for 2-3 hours a night. He's happy, I put him down. Slight grumblings, but boy oh boy if I try to step out of his room the "MAMAMAMAMMAMAMAMAMA"s start. So I have to sit there in his room until he falls asleep. I try over and over to sneak out without success. I've read toddler often have this freaky sleep pattern. The only plus to this? I've been sleeping in (since he's been sleeping in) until 9 am. Ahh. So decadent!

In other random news, my friend mentioned in this post, the one who I met in prenatal yoga and who lost her son during childbirth. She had a beautiful baby last month. She posts photos of him on facebook all the time. She complained the other day that she puts her son down for a nap and then spends her time looking at photos of her son. This mother finally has a child to dote on. I am so so happy for her.

Quilting has completely taken over my brain lately. I close my eyes at night and see squares and triangles and these bad boys:

Hexagons are actutally easier than triangles to sew! They are however much more time consuming, having to stitch each one individually and then stitch them together. To make a quilt for Alex's bed I'd need 625 of these. Umm, yeah. I'm aiming for a Stanley the monkey sized quilt.

I've joined a quilting group at the local sew shop and today I signed up for my first quilting bee. I know. How cool am I?

and a bit more randomness for you (that's why you keep coming back isn't it?)

Sweetie looks like those one of those honey bees
 that get a number glued to them so they can track its movement.

Daisy is not impressed with the chic hat for Will and Kate's wedding.

And of course the Chicken. Wearing his fireman hat like Boy George wore his bowler hat.
I'm lurking in the background. I thought I was out of the frame.
He looks cute doesn't he?
Yeah, about a second later he threw the rainstick at the photographer's head.

ETA: Here's an outtake of Sweetie. Not a pelt. No animals were harmed in the making of this quilt.