Thursday, March 10, 2011

Winter, the tribe has spoken....

Yet another blizzard, and yet another toddler illness. I am sooo done with winter. Alex has a double ear infection and a cough that's lingered for almost a month now. Oh the boogers and the whining and the not sleeping. Poor chicken is so tired and fed up too, he had his first full on temper tantrum on the way to the doctor's office on Tuesday. I struggled to get on the bus with the stroller and the banchee kicking and screaming in my arms, as I had to lift my 30 lbs stroller up and over the snowbank to get on the bus. Fun. Oh and as a PSA, don't stare at the woman with the freaking out toddler. That doesn't help anyone!

Alex and I are both summer babies. We'll be much happier when the snow melts.
Despite all this, Alex has had moments of being very sweet. He surprises me every day with new words. Words that I had no idea were swimming around in that head of his. Moose, ostrich, kite, oatmeal (he'll say it but then doesn't want to eat it,,,somethings don't change). His personality seems to be emerging. He likes arranging things or lining them up. He seems to have a sense of humour. He likes drawing and painting, and he's a ninja with the shape sorter. He's continuously spinning, falling down and spinning again as I write this.

He's a funny little bird.

Cut up pancake yuck. Whole pancake with Mama's fork. Yummy!

He likes pressing all the buttons. I just need to teach him how to use it.
My First Sweat Shop.

I went to get him out of his bed and found he had been redecorating.
(Those pathetic stickers are all that remains of a wall full of animal decals we had put up when he was born)

Teddy bear time out?