Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

I'm giddy with excitement and don't know where to start. It's news that makes you want to stop strangers on the street to tell them about it. I think I should go buy a lottery ticket today.

Alex slept SEVEN HOURS last night.

He hasn't slept that many hours in a row since October. Even back then it was only the one night.
When he was born people would always ask if I was getting any sleep. Yes, I would boast, he only wakes up two or three times a night, I would say proudly. He hit the dreaded 6 week fussiness and never really got back from it. It was impossible to get him to fall asleep. I don't know how many nights I roamed the streets at midnight with him in the carrier, desperate for him to fall asleep. I complained to his doctor, who brushed off my concerns and said "Some babies just don't sleep". I thought babies slept 16 hours a day and I would have plenty of leisure time. Ummm not so much.
For a while it got so bad, he was waking up every hour. I thought maybe because he was rolling over and waking himself up. I was so desperate I considered getting this which is basically a baby straight jacket. I bought lots of sleep solution books, none helped. My husband and I joked we had the No-Sleep Sleep Solution.

Getting seven hours sleep, you see, is like getting the glass slippers to go to the ball. Here's hoping Alex doesn't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.


Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

OMG - I don't know how you do it! I'm sleep-deprived with just one awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night session!

Here's to hoping that he makes a habit of the 7-hour sleep!

Anonymous said...

That image of you wandering the streets alone with a baby is so sad :(

Go Alex! You can do this every night!

Cynthia said...

How old is he now? I found that Sophie didn't really figure it out very well until about a year and really, it's only been since the New Year that it's been awesome. Once she started to get the hang of it we did the Cry It Out thing (although varied and with lots of checking and snuggling) and now we get 11 hours a night! So, hang in there! It does get better. And super WHOO-HOO for 7 hours!!!!

pinkbrain said...

@Cynthia He's 9.5 months old. I'm hoping he's growing into better sleep.

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