Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet Daisy the Cat

I figure I should introduce one of the Ninja Kitties so I'll start with Daisy, since she's featured.
We got Daisy almost three years ago from a shelter. We already had Sweetie (to be introduced later) and figured she was lonely and wanted a friend. We saw a news report about pets being abandoned during moving season. Ok, we can do this, what's another  cat when you already have one. Famous Last Words!

We picked her out of literally hundreds of cats on a sweltering hot day (oh the smell at the shelter!), she kept coming up to us to be pet. They told us she's one year old. Perfect. We'll take her. We had to go back later to pick her up. Daisy was at the vet's office when we arrived. Apparently she was closer to 5 or 6 years old. Ok, fine. We're messing up the the birth order like the Jolie-Pitt kids but fine. Daisy had some black wax in her ears so they had to put some solution in her ears to get it out. She kind of looked like a drowned rat. Ok, fine. Just temporary, she'll look cute again. She needs to have teeth removed, but you need to wait 6 months or so, for her to settle in. A bit of an unexpected expense, but fine. Little did we know that tooth decay in cats means nasty stink breath.

So we brought her home on the metro, and anxiously introduced Daisy to Sweetie. I had visions of them sleeping curled up together, cleaning each others ears. Ummm yeah, not so much. Hissing, and swatting, and chasing is more like it. They get along fine now, they seem to put on airs that they hate each other, but they'll sleep in proximity of each other.

Daisy is a funny cat. She's only got one fang (from the teeth being removed, which greatly improved the stink breath), she loves being whacked on the bum, and she cries when Alex cries. We think she was owned by some old lady that used to hover over her when she eats because she'll only eat if I watch her. If the litter is in need of a change, Daisy will protest by pooping right outside the litter box. I have to latch the door to the apartment because if I don't she's figured out how to pull on the door from underneath to get the door open, then off she goes into the building. She did that trick once with the closet, wandering in. I shut the door and off to work I went. Poor Daisy was in the closet all day. She didn't complain when I finally let her out.

She's a good cat most of the time, and I'm a good cat mom most of the time.


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Curiosity said...

So cute! I love those head-in-the-cup moments. Mine never seem to get that no matter how hard they push they aren't going to make it to the bottom.

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