Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clearly my crafting skills are a little rusty....

I've been working on this sock monkey FOREVER and thought I could finish it last night. Alex went to sleep early (hooray!) so I worked on it while I watched the Stanley cup finals. Umm yeah, apparently there should have been more focus and less hockey. First came the crooked ear "ah it adds charm" I told myself...and then the arm fail. Yeah, not charming just creepy. Aww it's not so bad you say? My thesis was on sewing in art therapy, I made my prom dress and a couple for friends, and I made my sister's wedding dress for goodness sake. Tonight, undo the disaster and try again.

The other eye is on the way after some major reconstruction surgery.

That ear is so wrong. That and the freakish arm coming out his back.

At least the monkey has a nice butt.

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Anonymous said...

It's Franken-monkey!! It's AWESOME. (You've inspired me to take out my sock-monkey stuff again... it's been too long. =)

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