Friday, June 18, 2010

Things are starting to look up...

So the birthday party is booked at a breakfast restaurant (I love breakfast!), so no parking lot party for us! I had called another restaurant in the chain and they said they don't take weekend reservations, that the info on their website was incorrect about being about to reserve a room for parties, and then suggested they could accomodate us at 2 pm (when they close at 3 pm, and hello, breakfast place). I sent a letter of complain to the head office about the snarky manager. No the customer isn't always right, but rudeness is never ok.

I found a dress for Rick's graduation ceremony and for a wedding anniversary party we're going to. It was really very easy to find the dress thanks to my friend Melanie (hi Mel! I see you lurking!).  Alex napped and I picked out 4 dresses and loved a couple of them. That never happens since I'm a busty treasure troll.

Did I mention Rick is graduating? My heart is swelling with pride for him. This is huge!

Alex has been eating better too. More variety, more of it.

Alex picked this nectarine right out of the fridge as he was "helping" with supper.
Such a big boy!