Friday, June 11, 2010

Sock Monkey Part Deux: Damn that monkey, it's done!

Oh my god that was exhausting. This was supposed to be relaxing, fun for me. Ummm not so much. I think most of my frustration came from the kit I was using, I didn't start from scratch. I bought it at the toy store, Not a good product. Seriously, screw you Action Products, maker of The Classic Sock Monkey kit. First the age on it is ridiculous. Ages 6 and up. Ok, this skilled stitch maven could barely keep it together at 34 and 3/4. I ran out of thread making the body and contacted the company for more thread. No reply. Not good customer service, especially for kids stuff where pieces ALWAYS go missing. The thread was about 3 bunches too short. Gah! The stuffing was yucky and bunchy, the vest the monkey is wearing is sooooo going to get torn by young Mr. in about 5 minutes. Sigh. It was a learning experience and I can't wait to start another one with my own designs.

This is Stanley.

I think his expression is arrogant indifference.


Even Sweetie is all "Who is this guy? Who does he think he is?"


pinkbrain said...

I posted a photo of Stanley on Facebook. My husband commented on the photo as Alex saying "Can't sleep, monkey will eat me!"
He thinks he's funny.

Anonymous said...

You used a kit?! Oh, the shame!!

pinkbrain said...

I know! I know! I was the sample maker at the toy store so I was always crafting from kits. Shudder...

I have big plans for my next creature!

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