Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Amazing-Never-Sleeps-Super-Awake-Baby

Sleep is good. Sleep is great. You will become psychotic if denied sleep for long enough. You hear that Alex? You're making Mama crazy. The past couple of nights he's gone back to his sleep for a few hours in a row, then wake up every hour. Plus he threw in a "hey 4 AM is morning somewhere, time to partaaay" last night. So this morning his usual thing is to go for a nap about 2 hours after he's woken up. He napped for 20 minutes then crabbed at me. Okey dokey, time to go out for a walk. The stroller usually does the trick if he won't nap at home. Went downtown, did a little shopping, got some lunch, got my watch strap adjusted all while Alex STAYED AWAKE during the stroller. What the french toast baby? Gave him a bottle, nope. Took him out of the stroller for a while, nope. Breastfed him downtown next to the university, even though I'm trying to wean him during the day, still nope. I get home with him and feed him again. Another 20 minute nap. Followed by an hour of screaming. No matter what I tried. I put him in the Ergo, ok, baby lets go for a walk. I walked around with Alex for an hour. Nada. I have gone through all of my tricks and nothing worked. He's finally asleep, the bedtime routine worked its magic on Alex.
But for how long?

Remember this Alex?

Or this?

How about this?

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Anonymous said...

It's so funny- kids have exactly what I want- people WANT them to sleep. I wish people wanted me to sleep- I would totally indulge them.

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