Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 5th anniversary to my husband!

When I met this guy in a bar on New Year's Eve, with his tight jeans and his shy smile, I never thought we'd end up where we are. We've been married for 5 years now (together for 14 years!) and have a beautiful son together. We've supported each other through school, for me it was a very long undergrad degree and then my Master's, and for him he went back to school and graduates next month with a degree in engineering. We have weathered the death of our treasured pet Petrie. We leaned on each other through the death of his father, my grandmother.We managed to stay together through countless road trips (despite my knack for being a terrible navigator) and I even got him on a plane for the first time (getting the engineer to sit next to wing helped the medicine go down). He's gone to museums with me, genuinely interested in art, even though my eyes glaze over when he discusses robots. He was the best labour coach I could have asked for. I was scared out of my mind in the operating room during my c-section and instantly calmed down when they let him in.
He loves our son so much, which makes me love my husband even more.

Oh and he makes me laugh. A lot.

The wedding was on a rooftop terrace of a hotel.
A good compromise for a country mouse (him) and a city mouse (me).


Cynthia said...

Beautifuul! Congratulations! It'll be 9 years for us in July but 14 together, same as you guys!

pwilliams616 said...

congratulations!! You guys looked (look) gorgeous!!

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