Monday, May 3, 2010

This little piggy went to market!

I couldn't have picked a better day to trek to Atwater market. It's one of four farmer's markets in the city, open year round. I say trek but really it's 20-25 minutes door to door using the metro and a bit of a walk on each end. It's a fun place for people watching in the summer. I went looking for nothing in particular, so of course I came home with too much! Alex always gets so many compliments on his stylin' hat. Sometimes he actually smiles at people. So I bought a can of maple syrup, old cheddar (older than Alex), some gouda, frozen cinnamon rolls to bake, sausages for supper (spicy Cajun for husband and maple pecan for me), a raspberry lattice pastry, some lamb to make a stew, blueberries, green beans, new potatoes and a little sushi for lunch. I told you I over did it, especially since I had Alex in the carrier too.
In the background is the market building. These bikes are BIXI bikes that you can rent for a couple of hours or for the day. There's tons of stands like this in the city, so you could borrow one here, and return the bike across town. Very cool.

Ah flowers! I know nothing about what to plant where, but they are pretty!

This covered area has all the fruit and vegetable stands. On the left are cheese shops, fish markets, and the liquor store. Oh and the maple vendor right now.

Inside the market there's the bakery and all the butcher shops.
 Bonjour les croissants!

All marketed out. Alex fell asleep about 30 seconds after this was taken.

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Barkles said...

OK, I hope your blog lets me post today!!

I'm so envious of those markets. There's nothing like that around here! Last time I experienced markets like that was when I lived in Brisbane, Australia. I love yummy food!

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