Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's a good thing.

My husband handed in his paper on Monday after this drama. He already got his paper graded. He passed! He got a B+! So he finally gets to graduate! Hooray! He can officially put B.Eng after his name.
Now he just needs to find a job.

Alex has been sleeping better, some nights a 5 hour stretch in a row (much better than waking every hour). He's eating a little better too. Behold, the first time Alex ate chicken:

Yes, that's a whole drumstick in his hand. He does better with finger foods instead of purees so I thought I'd try it. He didn't eat much, but hey it's a start!

Ok, I'm still doing some purees. This was a new one though. Spinach, broccoli, and ricotta cheese. He squawked for more! Oh and yes, he doesn't have a bib on. I dare you to find a bib he'll keep on.

One more thing made me happy this week. For fun I decided to check the university libary, to see my thesis entry. Someone had taken out a copy! Wow, someone other than a family member or my research supervisor read it. How cool is that? I'm still amazed I have a Master's degree. I was always an average student (at a school for overachievers...15% of my graduating class are doctors). I never really thought of myself as smart enough. So it's HUGE that someone bundled up, trekked to the library, signed away their first born, risked late fees to read what I've written. They might even quote me.


Cynthia said...

How old is he now? Sophie did MUCH better when we just switched from 'baby food' to 'slightly bigger baby food'. :) She loved pieces of things like peaches, bananas, cheerios, etc. And she still loves chicken and ham like nobody's business. I just cut them into little pieces and let her have at it!

Anonymous said...

I love him with that drumstick- now that's how a man eats! Yay for your hubby and yay for your thesis being taken out!!

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