Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doll quilt completed!

I've been MIA lately due to a very bad week of sickness in my household. I'll spare you the details, but if you  really want to know you can read about it here.

I started making this quilt as a trial run for Alex's I Spy quilt, using some of the extra squares I had. It was a good practice and I'm much more confident now (and I also know which mistakes to avoid too!). I gave it to Alex's second cousin for her first birthday (which hopefully won't get lost in the shuffle after getting three carloads of toys a month ago at Christmas...anyhooo....).

The quilt top was fun to make. All of the stars lined up for me and Alex had a good 3 hour nap, giving me enough time to make the quilt top, press the seams, and then pin it to the batting and back. I then stalled a bit, since the whole quilting part and then adding the binding around the edge kind of freaked me out. I spent a full evening watching youtube video about making bias tape and binding a quilt. When I'm stressed, I do research.

I spent several hours just measuring out the lines to quilt on, just because I suck at sewing in a straight line, so I figured I needed all the help I can get. I have this magical disappearing ink pen that writes on fabric and disappears after 48 hours. Who knew such a thing existed!

I ended up with a pre-made seam binding but I'm totally going to make my own for the next quilt. I tried all sorts of pinks and blues, but the grey just seemed to work the best, even if it's a little unconventional for a little girl's quilt.

I'm happy with how it turned out. Doll quilts are fun because they're a manageable size. I might just have to make another one for Stanley.

A big thank you to the lovely ladies at Emeline & Annabelle. I tweeted them in a panic, really not knowing what I was doing. They were able to talk me down from a crafting-induced ledge. The next day I went in to the shop and Annabelle helped me get things sorted out and gave me some much needed encouragement. It's very cool having them as a resource that I can go to.

 Doll Quilt for Bryanna. Approximately 14" x20"
(I'm making a guesstimate because I forgot to measure it before wrapping it up this morning. Snort)

Quilt back. Yep it's the flower fabric again from my tunic I just made.

Detail of some of the squares. Notice the carefully spaced quilted lines. Ohhh, ahhh.

Bias tape. Hand sewn in the back. I know what a mitered corner is now!

One of the quilt bloggers I read (can't remember which one, gah!)
stated she only folds the quilt when it's done. I like that. So there it is.