Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sewing success: Schoolhouse Tunic

So I finally made something for myself to wear. In high school I made a lot of my outfits (and tapered a lot of pair of jeans...oh boy showing my age), even making my grad outfit for myself and for a friend. I got busy, had other things to do and then after my undergrad in university, I no longer had projects lined up. The sewing machine got buried.

I saw this shirt/tunic on a friend who had made one at a local sewing shop. It was super cute and I wanted one. I got myself the pattern from Sew Liberated. It's been on hold a while until I was able to finish the felt book. Starting more than one project is a guarantee that I won't finish one of them. That and I have no space to store projects.

I adapted the pattern a bit to fit my...ahem...assets. The front has a bit more leeway in it and there was supposed to be a large inverted box pleat in the back that fell funny on my butt and might as well have been a giant butt bow. So I made it a simple gather in the back and added a little panel in the front.

It's comfy. It's sassier than a t-shirt. I may have to make another one (now that I know what I'm doing).

Good thing Alex had a long nap today. It took me forever to get a descent self portrait shot (I really should have put some makeup on) with no tripod and just my timer on my camera.

I enjoy the neckline on this shirt. You get a good shot of what the fabric looks like here.

 Comfortable shirt. Awkward hand placement. This was the least bizarre.

 Gathers, much more flattering than a giant butt bow.

One of the many outtakes. Not sure what I was going for here.
Can I just say, a good bra makes all the difference.