Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Workout Wrap-up week 1

So it was a bit of a mixed bag this week. I made it to the gym twice this week, and walked a fair bit in between. My third night was replaced by a crafting night (good for my mental health, right?) where I only knew one person. My friend did most of the talking for the 12 ladies there, and this uh, knitting circle had a lot of novice knitters making rhomboid shaped scarves. Nice women, but not really my crowd. Especially the look of horror some of them gave me when I mentioned my son loves watching the documentary Babies.

Since only some ghetto uneducated mother would let her son watch TV or movies their stare told me.
 Most of them were not mothers. Just you wait ladies. Once you have a kid, you'll understand.

You'll be singing this in the shower:

Does trying to do the actions for this song count as exercise?

I did weights on Saturday. Hello weights. I've missed you most of all. Chock-o-block full of bench pressy goodness. Must get back into weight lifting on a regular basis. I need to figure out a routine that covers all the bases in two or three days a week.

The food intake was the so-so part of this week. I must get back on to Fitday. It's like an online food journal. Not to be obsessive about the calories I eat, but more to be accountable. That and it has pie charts of your daily intake of carbs, protein and fat. Gotta love the pie charts.