Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In the studio: Finger painting

The first couple of times I tried finger painting with Alex he didn't seem to like it. He was like an unhappy restaurant patron. Um, miss! My hands are DIRTY. Uh hello? This is not what I ordered! It tastes like PAINT.
This time he got the hang of it and enjoyed himself. I knew he just needed some time to figure it out, it's a new experience for him. I'm glad I tried again. It was fun for him and FUN for me. I got him to try using his hands, the paintbrush and even Thomas the Train got into the action.

I taped up the paintings on the window to dry and the results are luminous! The paint is actually quite faded and dull when it dries, but with the light from the window it's something else. Like my husband said, that's a keeper.

Hmm interesting...

Getting into it...

Really getting into it!

 Figuring thing out.

Painting with Thomas!

"Campfire in the woods"

"Ocean storm"

Detail of Ocean Storm.
 It's really magical with the light coming through.