Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working Conditions

So, my apartment is tiny. Really tiny. It's a one bedroom with 3 people, 2 cats and an iguana. It's cramped. My sewing machine was locked away tucked into a closet that I couldn't get to. I wanted it OUT. Yes, the sewing machine came out of the closet. In order to make space for the beast, I had to clear my bookshelf of two shelves of books. It doesn't have it's own table, I just use the one table we have in the house, a cafe table that seats 2 (plus one in a highchair). I do most of my sewing while Alex is napping or in bed for the night because, well, because I'd like him to keep all his fingers in tact. So I haul out the machine, plunk it on the table and use whatever is left of the space to work. That's when the cats show up:

Oh this is comfy, let me lie right here. Nah the pins don't bother me.

Whatcha doin?

Mmmm thread. Tasty, fun to swat, rolls well.

Bitch please! This is MY spot *that's Daisy in the right lower corner*
(too bad my camera missed the ninja paw swat that happened)

If you don't leave me alone kitties, I'll start making nice Little House on the Prairie outfits for you to wear.

Oh and if you're wondering I'm making something for me. Yes, for me! I haven't sewn for myself in many many years.