Saturday, November 6, 2010

The 16th month...

Happy sixteen months baby Alex (who is not a baby anymore but Toddler Alex just sounds wrong). Inspired by Mommybyday I've written down all the words that Alex says either in words or in signs (baby signs is adapted from American Sign Language and it's good for kids this age because they have an easier time with signs than some of the syllables). This list seems big to me and I can't even imagine how long the list of words that he understands is. Alex surprises me every day with what he knows.

Kitty (more like Kheeeteee)
Wawa (He calls rain, water, sippy cup, sprinkler park, even dampness on my shirt from giving him a bath wawa. Clearly he knows what water is)
Boom up up (noisy upstairs neighbours)
Hot with the sign
Nanas (Bananas which has generalized to any fruits and some vegetables)
Bear (Bay bay)
Ball (Bah bah, very subtle difference but I swear it's there)
No (he likes saying it but seems to have no clue what it means)
Cheese (chzzzzzz)
Crackers (cakrrr)
Cookies (coocoo)
BaBoom (when he falls down)

Thank you

He doesn't meow like we're always saying he makes a whine more like Daisy's meow. I blame her.
Thumps his chest for gorilla
Waddles for a penguin (and says wad wad)
Sticks his tongue out for iguana (that's a new one, I taught him that this week at breakfast)
Wiggles his hip for a crocodile (most of the movements are from Eric Carle's From Head to Toe book)

Finally there is this. Not a recognizable word, just the sound of pure joy.

Untitled from Jennifer on Vimeo.

2 comments: said...

LOve it! =)

(Kitty was Frances' first word as far as we can tell... and she pronounces it the same way Alex does. =)

pinkbrain said...

Oh I forgot you have a kitty! I think Alex and Frances would get along just fine!

...and I swear I feed him more than cookies and crackers. He's never asked for green beans but enjoys them.

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