Saturday, November 20, 2010

SpaceCamp, Monchichi and scratch n' sniff stickers....

What am I doing on this chilly friday night? I'm watching SpaceCamp. Oh yes, in all of its cheesy goodness. Joaquin Phoenix as a kid who is too smart for his own good, a braless and heavily shoulder-padded Kate Capshaw as a spunky airforce pilot, Lea Thompson who was in every movie that Molly Ringwald wasn't, and Kelly Preston as a permed bubblehead looking for aliens. Mmm hmm, 80's movie at its best. I remember going to see this in the movie theater with a friend of mine. We pooled our money but we didn't have enough for snacks. We had just enough money for a drink OR popcorn, so we opted for a massive Orange Crush. Just as the movie started, my friend grabbed the drink off the floor from the lid. The result? The drink turned into an orange Niagara Falls, flowing fast and furious towards the front of the theater. We saw the progress of the tidal wave as the people in the rows in front of us freaked out with the gush of sticky sticky liquid at their feet. Oh the fear of being busted mixed with uncontrollable laughter. I loved going to the movies as a kid. I saw Back to the Future six times in the movie theater.

Working at a toy store we always get requests for the trendy toys, the IT toy of the moment. The twelve year old (ok maybe not that young, but she might as well be) that I work with mentioned some crazy toy that she had as a kid (what? last year little miss Paris Hilton?). I had never heard of it. The toy store is always one step behind in terms of trends. I mentioned that back in my day we had scratch and sniff stickers that we illicitly traded in the playground at recess. Then next it was the Goomie bracelets ( like Madonna wore). The latest craze is very similar to those bracelets. They're called Silly Bandz which are basically shaped elastic bands like this:


I overhead one girl complaining to her mother when she was denied yet another purchase "awww but mohhhhhhmmmm I only have 97 of themmmmm". Wow.

The 80's seem to be popular again. I guess because all of us children of the 80's are parents now so we can pass our legwarmers down to a new generation. At FAO Schwarz we saw an entire wall of Monchichis like this:

Sometimes the 80's should stay there. In the past. Like bad perms and baby blue eyeliner. Oh and as for SpaceCamp, cheesy eighties at its finest. In one scene the lovable robot character deciphers the morse code signal from the stranded space ship and Tom Skeritt says to the robot Jinx "I'm gonna buy you a can of oil when we're done here". A classic.