Thursday, November 18, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 18. Buzzing around like a busy bee

What a day! I went to a fabric store (on the other side of the planet) with a friend. Then had lunch and took Alex to the park. We then took the bus downtown for the one day Boby Shop sale (hello? Got a free candle AND a free shampoo), took the bus home. Then I made supper, didn't eat it because I was going out to dinner with my old playground friends. A lovely time was had at dinner. I had a great spinach, chicken breast and goat cheese pizza and drank too much wine. My potty mouth got worse, the more wine I had. We then went across the street to the pie shop and ate ridiculously rich dessert. I got a lift home, and I am blogging before bed to meet my imaginary deadline. And yes, I am still drunk. Well a good buzz anyways.

Oh and really noisy neighbour upstairs? If you wake Alex up again, I will go upstairs and LOSE MY SHIT on you because, well, because the alcohol has lowered my inhibitions just enough.

 Uh really? 2$ for indoor bike parking? When there's free bike parking everywhere? What? Don't feel like having to brush the snow off your bike in the winter?Worried about getting your bike stolen? Seriously.

(See not so drink since I was able to get a photo off my damn MicroSD card from my cellphone)