Friday, November 5, 2010

Kitty Snuggler!

The poor cats just don't get as many lovies as they did before Alex was born. Sweetie and Daisy to a lesser degree could easily spend hours on our laps. Now they seem kind of desperate. Desperate like the geeky girl trying to show cleavage at the school dance to get any boy to notice her. They'll pounce on me ast soon as I sit down without the boy in my arms, they're like glue all evening after Alex goes to bed. As I try and type this Daisy is being Shiatsu Kitty on my stomach, her head just outside of the view of my laptop (she knows if she blocks the screen she gets the boot).
I feel bad that they don't get as much affection as they'd like but it's almost like they'd never be happy. I could be crazy cat lady who never leaves the house and they'd still paw at the bathroom door because they MISSED ME.
The cats sleep on our bed with us, which feels a bit cramped since we only have a double bed. Daisy will sleep at my feet most of the time but lately she's been more bold. A few times I've woken up to find her sleeping on the top half of pillow, wrapped around my head. This cat doesn't know what personal space means. I always feel like some garishly dressed rich lady with a cat on my head, much like this:

Sweetie on the other hand sneaks up in between us and flops down like she's a person, with her head resting on a pillow. She flops back and forth looking for someone to spoon with. Usually she gives up on me and climbs up and over my husband to be spooned. This cat is happiest when she's being smothered, under the blankets or pinned down by her humans.

And yes, we put up with it. How can you resist these faces?