Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My sunshine

It was a beautiful day today. We went for a little trip across town (on the other side of the mountain, which might as well be the other side of the planet for me). It was a good day.

A Joke By Alex (the highlight of my day)

We were standing at the cash in the store we went to visit.
I picked up an owl puppet.
Me: What does the owl say?
Alex: Hooo hooo hooo!
Awws, and that's right! From the ladies behind the counter.
Me: What does the lion say?
Alex: Rawwwr! (shaking his head)
More awwws from the ladies.
Me: What does the gorilla say?
Alex: DADA!

Much laughter erupts on both sides of the counter.

(The usual answer to that is chest thumping).


Anonymous said...

He's such a little BOY now! Not a baby- why does this make me sad? (and happy don't get me wrong!)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new header! (OMG - Is everyone doing NaBloPoMo?? I'm just catching up on blogs for the week and there is SO MUCH good stuff to read!!)

pinkbrain said...

@spokeit I love that he's a little boy now, I don't miss the itty bitty baby stage.

@mommybyday Thanks! Oh Sweetie puts up with so much from him. Mihow inspired me to do the NaBloPoMo.

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